Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Pistetään nyt tähänkin vielä toi Simmonsin quote..


16. Long Beach State (12)

Sorry, had to pick the Beach to win two games. I've been a Long Beach supporter ever since Dre' and Snoop brought Compton and the LBC together in "The Chronic." Which reminds me, how much would you pay for a March Madness sequence where a Long Beach State player dunks on a fast break, followed by Gus Johnson losing his mind for a second and screaming, "Long Beach in the motha****** house!" I think I'd pay $750.

Snoop oli pidätetty Tukholmassa hallussapidosta, mistäköhän ne poliisit arvas ratsata sen..? Ja miks ei Diddyä..

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ILL Matic said...

kaikki tietää, että diddy on kyttien kaveri. Se snitchas snoopin.