Monday, March 2, 2009

Tekniikan Ihmelapsi?

Rankkarisankari Ben Foster kertoilee kokemuksistaan digitaalitekniikan ihmeellisessä maailmassa:

"After the penalty shoot-out Foster revealed that at the end of extra-time he prepared for spot kicks with goalkeeping coach Eric Steele by using an iPod to work out what techniques the Spurs players were likely to use.

''We have done a lot of research into the way each player is going to put their penalty,'' he said. ''We went into the shoot-out as well prepared as possible.

''We have had things to look at over the last couple of days and before the shoot-out, you can see me looking at an iPod with Eric Steele. It had actual video on it and showed where players put things.''

Foster admitted that he had never seen anything like it when Steele introduced the research aid to training after being appointed as goalkeeping coach following predecessor Tony Coton's decision to step down due to a knee injury in December 2007.

''It is a new innovation for us,'' he said. ''Eric brought it when he came to the club. I have never seen anything like it. It is a fantastic tool for us.''"

A tool for a tool, is it? Mutta ei mitään, kolme pyttyä vielä tällä kaudella haussa. Eiku tulossa.

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