Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's da cup, yeaah!

A Day In The Life of Lil' Jon.

"Plus it helps that the guys are such good guys. Kari Lehtonen actually has my picture on the back of his helmet. He was injured last season when I was going to some games. Then one day, I go, and he showed me his helmet and said, “I got you on the back of my helmet.” We always go in the locker room to say what’s up to him before a game. My son gets his puck autographed, and I speak to the players’ kids and the owners, and the trainers’ kids and its one big happy family. We got cool when Kari was injured. I was happy to see him come back and start playing awesome. Marian Hossa is the man. Ilya Kovalchuk, he’s dope too. I talk to all the guys."

Kulttuurien törmäys?


tuplajuusto said...

O-khee!! Kari Lehtonen ja Lil' Jon.. didn't see that one coming.

tuplajuusto said...

Ja vielä toinen juttu.. Lil' Jon on tosiaan aika pieni, kuvan perusteella about 155 cm. Ilmeisesti sen takia ei oo innostunut koriksesta sen enempää..

Toi oli mun viikon vitsi, arvostelut nollasta absoluuttiseen nollapisteeseen, kiitos.