Friday, February 20, 2009

Ryyyppppäämmisen Aa-Bhee-Cee

Hei, ollaan rehellisiä eiks je? Suurin osa meistä ryyppää ja moni meistä ryyppää koska se rentouttaa tai jotain. Mutta harva osaa ryypätä 86 ansaitsematonta miltsiä hevon vitun paska tuhkatuuleen. "Some call it a problem, I call it a gift!" - Xzibit.

Baker enjoyed two decent seasons in Seattle after signing this deal. Then he fell off the map, battling weight and alcohol issues for the rest of his career. Baker was traded to Boston in 2002. The Celtics cut him in '04, following his third suspension with the team, with 2½ years and $35 million left on the contract. He received an undisclosed settlement from Boston, then resurfaced with the Knicks. Despite his massive income, Baker has recently fallen on hard times financially. In 2008, he had a restaurant and a 9,600-square-foot Connecticut home foreclosed upon.

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