Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ricky Rubiinia Heitataan Jo

NBA:n drafti tiivistettynä:

1) Blake Griffin - LA Clips
5) Ricky Rubio of Espana - TimbaWolves

muut pikit oli turhia. Shaq Diiseli meni Cavssiin, mutta se on vanha eikä paranna Clevelandiä mitenkään.

Brandon Jennings (joku paska rookie) antoi seuraavanlaisen "haastattelun" Joe Buddenille:

On Ricky Rubio and the Knicks ...

Budden: Let me know when Minnesota get there. So I can watch Rubio light your f****** a** up. I never seen a n**** hate on Rubio so much.
Jennings: [inaudible]
Budden: You know what's funny? You're the only guard in the draft talking s*** about Rubio.
Jennings: The other n***** are scared.
Budden: What are you going to do when Rubio comes to the Knicks?
Jennings: Rubio is not coming, they are not giving up Rubio. You got Jordan Hill, you happy with that?
Budden: I don't really know enough about Jordan Hill to be happy ... I'm happy with Toney Douglas.
Jennings: I know they were booing this n****.
Budden: What does that mean? They boo everybody n****.
Jennings: If it was Stpehen Curry, them n***** would've went crazy in there.
Budden: Shut the f*** up, you don't even know nothing about New York basketball.
Jennings: F*** the Knicks, them n***** skipped out on me.
Budden: Oh man, you feel to the Knicks like I do about Jay-Z? [Laughs] Yo, the Knicks is your Jay-Z?
Jennings: F*** the Knicks, them n***** is always going to be weak.
Budden: This is where I f****** hang up on your f****** ass for talking stupid.
Jennings: Duhon ain't gonna get it done.

Ens kauteen siis!


tuplajuusto said...

Bucks ei tykkää Jenningsistä eikä Chollystä.

Hieno, kohtelias ja lupaava nuori mies tämä Brandon, ulkona liigasta viimeistään 2011.

tuplajuusto said...

Rubiini eio tulossa.