Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fantasyliigojen implikaatiot

Inter have been linked to several players this winter, with the English media claiming Tottenham players Jermaine Jenas and Gareth Bale are top of Mourinho's list.

However, while the Portuguese coach claims he is a fan of the duo he has dismissed speculation of a possible bid as nonsense.

"It's an interesting story," said Mourinho. "Last July the Daily Telegraph started their fantasy football league, they contracted me to take part and paid me.

"In my ideal squad I put Jenas and Bale and others. In July. Now, six months later, the transfer market has reopened and it comes out that I like these players.

"It's true, I like them otherwise I wouldn't have put them in my squad, but that's a transfer market without rules. "It seems to me that someone wants a player from Inter and seeing that they know I like another player, they've brought out this story."

Niinpä. Turha huudella wänkkärimanageriliigojen merkityksellisyydestä (tai sen puutteesta), vaikutukset voivat olla hyvinkin suuret. Ainakin jos on Gareth Balen muija..

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